Leo Follows Sadie

I bought a drone a few weeks ago because they provide some unique photographic capabilities. I have a Yuneec Typhoon H, which is an older model, but still quite capable. I've named him Leo as he seems to have a Leo personality.

Leo has a number of autonomous modes which I've been testing and evaluating.  Follow Me mode will be quite useful, so I started with that. The first few tests were little more than walking around while it followed behind, ahead, and beside me. After experimenting with walking, this was my first test at the next level. I had Leo follow Sadie around a parking lot.

Overall, it worked out pretty well. I tried a few different altitudes and while it has pretty good altitude control by GPS alone, there's sufficient GPS positioning error that really low shots can be problematic. I'll either have to control them manually, or not shoot video lower than 6 to 8' AGL. Either that or find and install the Intel Realsense board which improves forward obstacle avoidance and adds look-down sensing as well. This is works well enough.