Ducky's page 

Ducky was always good with his toys. Unlike Mason and Burnie, who eventually shred their toys, Ducky played with them without destroying them. He also liked to keep them close and would fetch them so he would always have a toy close to him.

Ducky with some of his toys
Ducky with some of his toys.

Ducky loved to swim. It was extremely difficult to keep him out of the water once he discovered that he could jump from the dock into the bay. I hung a ramp into the water for him to use in climbing out of the water.  People loved to watch, "The Diving Dog." We made a lot of friends because everyone who saw Ducky was drawn to him.

A few years later, we bought a bigger boat and moved with our friends to a new marina. Ducky loved the new marina even more because it was easier for him to get into the water and because our friend Pete built a ladder for Ducky to use to climb out of the water. The ladder was much nicer and easier for him to use.

Because he was constantly in and out and in and out of the water, the dock was always drenched with brine. We had the cleanest dock in the marina because the salt water bleached it white. Ducky loved attention, so if he judged that we and our friends weren't paying sufficient attention to him, he'd come up to his "victim" and shake right after climbing out of the water.

Leap of Dog
Ducky leaping from the dock.

Ducky would drop the throwing toy at someone's feet all day long. If one person wouldn't throw it, he's pick it up and find someone else. If he couldn't find anyone to throw it, he'd drop it into the water himself, then jump in after it.

He's wearing the floatation vest, not because he needs the help swimming, but because the vest had a handle. We could use the handle to pull him out of the water when he was too tired to do it himself.

Ducky and Ryan swimming
Ducky is swimming with another Golden Retriever, Ryan.