Burnie's Page

We found Burnie at an animal shelter in Edison. His previous owner surrendered him to the shelter. We were never able to understand why he was surrendered. He was simply the best dog. He was very well behaved right from the start, was perfectly housebroken, and was very happy to be with us. He had allergies, which are not uncommon. Our vet tested him and found he was allergic to dust mites, grass, and roaches. Well, keeping him away from roaches is easy! Thank goodness. And we vacuum often because of the dog fur, which helps minimize the dust mites. The problem was grass as he liked to roll on the grass. He did a couple rounds of allergy shots to desensitize him, which helped.

Burnie loved snow!

Burnie in the snow
So much snow and so little time and it's all mine!

Burnie loved running though snow and rolling in the snow. When we were outside during our walks, he looked like he was made of snow. 

Burnie running though the snow
There's only one way to run though snow... At full speed!

While at the marine checking on the boat, Burnie is bored and ready to go home. He was being very petulant that day. He wouldn't come to me and he wouldn't walk with me. He looked around quickly, saw nothing of interest to him, and refused to move away from the truck. He stayed right there, looking piqued and unhappy, until we were ready to leave.

Burnie is ready to go hime
I'm bored! Can we go now?

Fur coats are hot! in the summer. But when everyone is outside having fun, who wants to be inside, even if the air conditioning is cool and refreshing?

Burnie is one hot dog!
Hot dog!