Mason's Page 

Mason is our third Golden Retriever and the first we raised from a puppy. Golden Retriever puppyhood is fun. It's also exasperating! They chew everything and by everything I don't mean just shoes. The new kitchen cabinets, the trim on the new doors, the corners of the cedar chest. Everything! Fortunately, he grew out of that and now is just... umm bored.

Mason sometimes doesn't understand why life isn't always fun and games.

Mason was born January 5, 2012. Here is his third birthday. While the photo looks like it was done in post, it's not reprocessed. I did this with camera adjustments and room lighting. The rest was Mason's doing.

Mason's third birthday
Mason's third birthday


Mason is also a bit dramatic and sometimes exaggerates. He'll look terribly bored immediately after playing. Or on a warm day, he will act as if he's positively melting, but he won't go inside to sit in the air conditioning. I guess that's just the canine version of Fear of Missing Out.

Hot puppy
Mason being more than a bit dramatic. It wasn't that hot.

I can have him outside running around like crazy but as soon as he comes back inside, he does his bored doggy act. He's a funny dog. 

Like Burnie, Mason puts his fur coat to good use during the winter and loves running though the snow. All of our dogs have always loved playing in snow. It's great watching them enjoy themselves.

Running though the snow
Mason running through the snow.


One of the great things about having a boat and taking trips with the boat is that the dogs can come with us. We're on the way to a large rendezvous with a number of other boating friends. We would meet at the state marina in Atlantic City, which can easily accommodate a group of 20 or 30 transient boats from 20 to 70 feet. 

Mason boating
Mason has a rather unusual sitting posture.

And like many dogs, Mason does spend some time waiting for his owners.

Waiting for his people
Waiting for his people.

Rides in the car are good, too. Mason spent a lot of time with us in the car going here and there, so he loves being in the car.

Mason's ready to go for a ride
Eight month old Mason ready for his ride in the car

After a day of fun and excitement dogs, like people, enjoy quiet downtime and relaxing.

Letting sleeping dogs lie
Letting sleeping dogs lie.